With one goal in mind, Kodeinfotech is an industry-leading IT Support company offering reliable and cost-effective professional IT Support services to companies of all sizes.

About The Company

Our company's expertise in providing bespoke IT solutions, whether it is money transfer software or HR outsourcing services. Therefore, we need specialist teams.

The following areas are examples of how our teams and team members continuously provide support and services :

  • Web development
  • Mobile (Android and iPhone) application development
  • Custom software solutions
  • E-commerce and payment gateways
  • IT solutions


Every Stage in The Customer Journey


Creative minds

A creative mind helps you create better content for your online business because they have a unique perspective.

Working Style

Kodeinfotech uses the latest technology & designs to develop software to build a Company’s brand.

Plan Strategy

We don’t intend to jump right into the development. To create campaigns online, we devise a proper workflow strategy and brand strategy.

Fast Response

We maintain the latest technology in order to deliver all our services on time. We are available 24 hours a day.



Our Offices Are Located Downtown in the City Center



Partner With the Team of True Professionals

Company History

To create a better, more sustainable, and more equitable world, we harness our creativity, expertise, and scale. It was in 2017 that we first thought about starting a company.

Feb 5TH

Founded in 2017

It only takes an idea to change the world, when I started my company in 2017, we were only two of us and we only had 4 projects, but with our creative minds and goal, we have built a great team and worked on more than 100 projects.


First 5 Year Anniversary

Through the grace of God, we have completed our 5th year in business. We promise to provide our clients with the best possible service. You can always count on our team of developers to provide you the best software solutions.

Build something no one
has ever seen before

Develop those software solutions that will solve the problems facing society by applying your creative mind


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